My name is Gerry Call. After 26 years of designing, developing and continuously improving GCA’s leadership development program, The Leadership, Management and Supervisory Skills Program, I am putting
this program and its 18 leadership courses up for sale.

Leadership and Leadership Development have been my passion throughout the past 40 years:

    • Academically, through my Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Business Administration degrees
    • As President of GCA Productive Consulting and Training, a private company providing consulting services and leadership training to help individuals and organizations improve their productivity and performance.
    • Throughout my career, I have worked with many government and private sector organizations, as well as small and large business and non-profit organizations.

The prime focus of this leadership development program has been to provide experiential learning that maximizes learner engagement while promoting learner reflection and attitude adjustment. Over the years, these 18 courses have formed the backbone of several of our clients’ leadership development programs, including:

    • St Clair College, Chatham, Ontario – ‘The Effective Leader’ program ran for 12 years
    • University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario – this program has run continuously from 1998 to Present with
      three certificate programs:

      • The Leadership Certificate;
      • The Advanced Leadership Certificate;
      • The Essentials of Supervision Certificate
    • Christian Horizons Leadership Development Program: this program uses five of these courses and
      has run from 2011 to Present
    • 7ACRES, 2018-2020 (training 120 leaders)
      • School of Management (11 Courses)
      • Advanced School of Management (6 courses)

What’s up for sale:

    • 18 Leadership Courses + Program Copyright
    • Field tested content, continuously improved over 26 years
    • Content currently in Classroom Training format:
      • Suitable for easy conversion to online synchronous or asynchronous training formats
      • Easily customized to suit your organization’s unique learning needs
    • Each course contains:
      • Presentation Slides
      • Participant Binder Material (copies of presentation slides)
      • All Handout Material
      • Facilitation Guide (PowerPoint Notes)
      • Suggested Videos
      • Training Aids and Props (learning games, instructions etc)
    • Post-Sale ‘Program Consulting’ and ‘Train the Trainer’ services available

The Main Objective of Each of the 18 Courses in the Program:

    • Strategic and Business Planning
      • To equip participants with the critical leadership skills and knowledge to plan the future of their work group and engage staff in actively carrying out the plans.
    • The Art of Negotiation
      • To equip participants with the skills and knowledge to negotiate effectively in all situations they face at work.
    • Coaching for Success
      • To provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to coach and motivate people to achieve challenging results.
    • Customer Service Works
      • To consistently deliver “WOW” service to all our customers, both those external to the organization and also our internal customers!
    • Delegating for Dynamic Results
      • To explore how to use effective delegation skills to motivate staff and continuously develop people.
    • Delivering Dynamite Presentations
      • To enable participants to create and deliver a presentation that sways the audience and builds their commitment.
    • An Introduction to Project Management
      • To enable participants to manage the use of time and other resources to attain project related goals.
    • Facilitation Skills
      • To enable participants to facilitate improvement processes for individuals and groups.
    • Hiring and Retaining Staff
      • To enable participants to hire the right people in the right place at the right time and retain them for the long term.
    • Leading Change for Team Leaders
      • To enable participants to plan and implement change that empowers their people and drives workgroup performance.
    • Meetings Mean Business
      • To learn how to plan and conduct meetings to maximize participation and achieve desired outcomes.
    • Performance Management and Development
      • To enable participants to work with employees to continuously improve performance.
    • Planning and Organizing Work
      • To improve the skill and confidence levels for participants to plan and organize their work group.
    • Problem Solving and Decision Making for Leaders
      • To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes for effective use of a consistent problem solving and decision-making process to benefit the organization.
    • Report and Proposal Writing
      • To enable participants to develop reports and proposals that capture their thoughts and ideas and influence others towards their way of thinking.
    • Supervisory Communication Skills
      • To enhance participants ability to engage in effective two-way communication with their staff, their peers and other people they interact with.
    • Talent Management Tools and Techniques
      • To enable participants to make maximum use of the talent available to their organization.
    • Train the Trainer
      • To understand the learning process and lead effective training sessions

Sample Course Files and Learning Outlines

The links below will take you to zip files containing learning outlines and samples of each training course in this program along with its Presentation Slides, Handouts, Participants’ copy of the Presentation Slides, a Suggested Timeline and Facilitator Guides (in the form of PowerPoint Notes):

Samples – GCA Course

GCA Courses – Learning 


To explore this sale or make a purchase proposal, please contact:
Gerry Call, President and Program Designer
GCA Productive Consulting and Training
Phone: 1-888-255-5855

Purchase proposals accepted up to January 29, 2021