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Gerry Call

Gerry Call  is a speaker, consultant, facilitator and author, with strong capabilities to motivate and entertain audiences. He is noted for his “down to earth” style as well as for his positive and humorous attitude towards his topics. Gerry creates powerful learning environments to help people move from the “okay” to the “extraordinary”.

Gerry uses his various skills to problem solve “people” issues, and help people devise creative and practical solutions. His personal aim is to make a difference in peoples’ performance by helping them better understand themselves and others. Through application of simple yet practical concepts and ideas, Gerry motivates people to make changes in the way they do things. His motto is, “People Matter Most.”

Gerry possesses extensive academic and practical business experience. His academic credentials include both Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Business Administration degrees.  During his career he has worked in a wide range of Human Resources and Organizational Development capacities, in both large industrial and office settings.

He is President and Senior Training Consultant for GCA Productive Consulting and Training, providing learning events and consulting services to help individuals and organizations improve their productivity and their performance.  Gerry has worked with government and private sector organizations, as well as with small and large business, the unemployed and First Nations. He specializes in leadership, motivation, organizational development and team building.

Gerry is married, with three children, and lives in Port Elgin, Ontario.

Lorne Lazenby

Lorne began his career in the automotive industry, where as a young man, he worked on the assembly line at the St. Thomas Assembly Plant, building Mavericks and Pintos. He quickly moved up in the company management positions, including several years as a Production Supervisor, Quality Control Manager, Senior Industrial Engineer and finally, Senior Labour Relations Consultant. After thirteen years in the private sector, he moved to Ontario Hydro to further develop his career in the Human Resources field.

Starting with the public utility as a consultant with Human Resources at a four-unit nuclear generating station, he was appointed Manager within a few years and remained in that capacity until he transferred to the greater Toronto area in 1998. In this new assignment, Lorne provided hands-on HR Consultant services to Managers and Directors in the field, and in the head offices, with Hydro One. He was transferred to Cap Gemini Ernst & Young as a Human Resources Consultant in 2002, and a year later, took a position with Vertex Customer Management, an outsourcing company founded in the United Kingdom. As Manager of Human Resources with Vertex, a new company in Canada, he was responsible for the development and implementation of all HR policies and procedures, including pension, compensation and benefits, human rights and labour relations in a unionized environment. The implementation of an innocent absenteeism program at Vertex, which was successfully tested at arbitration, reduced short term sick leave by 50%.

Lorne has an abundance of experience in training and consulting at a senior level on Human Resources issues, with particular expertise in labour relations and attendance management.

Craig Ryan

Craig Ryan has been an organizational effectiveness consultant, educator and facilitator for over 20 years helping individuals and organizations learn to work together better and to survive and thrive in an ever changing world.  His clients include private and public organizations in Canada and the United States in industrial, energy, health care and social services and government sectors.

He helps clients enhance strategic, leadership and operational capability and performance and has extensive experience:

  • helping clients design and implement high performance – high integrity work structures, systems and processes
  • facilitating and teaching collaborative group processes to resolve problems, take advantage of improvement opportunities and adapt to changes in internal and external environments
  • designing and leading training and development workshops for leaders and teams to enhance their capability and performance
  • commissioning, facilitating and coaching work groups and teams (self-managed, cross-functional, joint union-management, leadership, business focused)
  • conducting organization capability assessment and needs analyses

Craig brings a background in technical, managerial & human resources roles with DuPont Canada Inc. to his work and holds a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering and Management from McMaster University.

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