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The Leadership, Management and Supervisory Skills Program

My name is Gerry Call. After 26 years of designing, developing and continuously improving GCA’s leadership development program, The Leadership, Management and Supervisory Skills Program, I am putting this program and its 18 leadership courses up for sale. Leadership...

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Talent Management – What is it? Why is it Important?

What is Talent Management? An integrated set of processes designed to achieve organizational goals – these processes include: Leadership On Boarding Recruitment of Great People Selection of Great People Development of Great People Managing Performance of Great People...

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Attitude is Everything!

Your Organizational Health Matters! All you have in an organization is peoples’ performance – the main contributor to good performance is the attitude of each individual toward their work!   From the time a person is born, about the only thing she/he will have...

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Sociopaths, Power and Leadership

True Leaders understand they do not and can not control people! Further, they understand people control work processes – and that is all a leader can reasonably expect to influence.   Why Do People Seek Leadership Positions? Some want to gain control over...

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Coaching – Performance Management is a “Good” Thing?

Mention the words ‘performance management’ in most organizations and you get two types of responses, both negative. Frontline employees often see performance management as management’s way of controlling people. Management often see it as time...

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