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For over fifteen years, GCA has partnered with Wiley to provide our clients with the most effective learning resources on the market. Please check out the resources and solutions listed below. Feel free to contact us regarding how we apply these resources to help you!

At GCA we are truly excited to partner with Wiley and best selling author Patrick Lencioni to bring you this powerful Team Building Program. Over the years, our clients have continually stressed the Importance of Teamwork – with this facilitated program GCA can help you build teamwork in your organization.

Please Contact GCA to Obtain This Information:

  • Program Overview eBrochure¬†
    • What it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team.
  • Video Introduction to the Five Behaviors Model¬†
    • Obtain an Overview of the Program
  • Video of Patrick Lencioni
    • Patrick describes the power of truly effective teamwork.
  • Video: Orientation to the Program
    • See how the program can work for you and your team.
  • Research Report
    • The research behind a truly remarkable Team Building Program

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