Consulting Services - Organizational Development

Our experienced consultants can help your Decision Making Processes in the following specific organizational areas:

  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Changing Organizational and Work Culture/Climate
  • Building Organizational Structure
  • Leadership, Management and Supervisory Skills
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Teamwork and Team Building
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management
      Performance Plans
      Performance Appraisal Techniques
      Developmental Approaches
      Dealing Effectively with Problem Performance and Problem Performers

“Every year in consulting is like three years in the corporate world because you have multiple clients, multiple issues – you grow so much”

Indra Nooyi

  •  Conflict Management
      Analysis of Causes
      Understanding of Positions and Interests
      Conflict Mediation
      Self Assessments
      Resolution Strategies
      Conflict Resolution Training
  • Communication
      Communication Techniques
      Communication Plan
      Communication Strategy
      Self Assessments
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Engagement
      Engagement Techniques
      Engagement Survey
      Engagement Plan and Strategy
      Self Assessments
  • Continuous Development
        Leadership, Management, Supervisory



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